Founders Sonja & Craig

Gourmet Popcorn from a Small Town, Small Business, Family Owned, Hand Crafted in Small Batches, Commercial Popcorn Kitchen

Sonja Thierer

Founder of Buffalo City Popcorn

Loves crafting and enjoys entertaining. Was a corporate event planner

Likes learning history and watching old movies

Dreams about popcorn and creating new flavors, and that’s no joke. Popcorn is a good medium to be creative with, sweet and savory flavors

Likes to be part of and involved with the community. Is involved with several local organizations

Spending time with her family and friends

Sonja loves being the captain of her own Pontoon. Hubby just takes it to the lake, then it’s all hers.

Craig Thierer

Owner of Buffalo City Popcorn

Head popcorn chef and chief bottle washer.

Loves woodworking and even gave up his woodworking shop for their commercial popcorn kitchen

Loves driving their pontoon to the lakes for the captain

Craig’s background is in engineering and software quality assurance. He uses this to ensure the quality of their popcorn they sell.

Craig is involved in the local community organizations