Miss Cheddar


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👸🧀 Introducing the one and only Miss Cheddar by BCP – the triple-coated queen of real white cheddar who’s here to add a touch of cheesy glamour to your snacking experience! 🍿✨

Prepare to be charmed by the enchanting allure of Miss Cheddar, whose kernels are generously adorned with not one, not two, but three layers of luscious white cheddar cheese. It’s a cheesy affair that’ll have you swooning with delight from the very first bite!

Picture yourself waltzing through a cheese-filled wonderland, surrounded by clouds of fluffy popcorn coated in the creamy richness of real white cheddar. With Miss Cheddar by your side, every snacking moment becomes a delightful adventure of cheesy proportions!

Whether you’re hosting a fancy soirée, relaxing with friends, or simply craving a snack fit for royalty, Miss Cheddar is the perfect companion. She’s bold, she’s cheesy, and she’s guaranteed to steal the spotlight at any gathering.

So why settle for ordinary popcorn when you can experience the regal charm of Miss Cheddar? Treat yourself to the royal treatment and let Miss Cheddar whisk you away on a cheese-tastic journey you won’t soon forget! 👑🧀🍿

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Small (6 Cups), Party (18 Cups)